We would like to inform you that since 1 January 2016 three different regional voucher system have been entered into force. The bank account number that you have received from Sodexo (which distributes the vouchers) has also changed . For more details on the changes, please visit (click here)

Our services

During our first visit, together with our professional housemaid, you decide on your needs and priorities on cleaning. Trust our employees who have enough experience and motivation to solve your problems.
windows cleaning
Can you imagine your crystal clean windows with the sun beams passing freely? Do you have time to clean your windows or perhaps you are too busy to do that? Ask us for help and we will take care of your problem. Window cleaning is one of our special top services.
You would surely like to have ideally ironed clothes in your wardrobe but not to be engaged in the whole activity of ironing. By putting this activity on your list, your housemaid will surely take care of it.
Not everybody enjoys shopping. If you are among those who do not like this activity, do not want to use or do not have a car, or simply prefer to spend time in a different way and waiting in queues at the cash register does not appeal to you, we have a solution for you: Optima Service will take care of your shopping and deliver it straight to your door.
Just imagine. You are coming back home from work and your only dream is to have some rest. You probably do not want to think about preparing a meal for your family, so just make one phone call. Our housemaids are full of talents, with meal preparation being only one of them.
washing clothes
When washing your clothes the amount of buttons and symbols to understand might be overwhelming. Washing clothes brings endless problems – leaving various objects in the washing machine, or a pile of dirty clothing in a bucket. A helping hand from Optima Service will take this burden off of you. It is enough to put such an activity on routines list which you will make during the first meeting.

More time for yourself – this is exactly what you need and what Optima service offers. Stop worrying about keeping order at your place, trust our professionals. You can decide on the frequency of our visits – we offer our services as needed, several or more times a week.

How it


To order the Optima service services you need to obtain your individual personal number in Sodexo by visiting Sodexo website and clicking the Sodexo registration link.

If you already have a Sodexo account, you may become a Optima service Customer by registering through the “become a customer” bookmark or by clicking here.

By means of Sodexo No., you can order titres-services cheques straight after the registration. In order to buy services you have to follow the directions in “Order” on Sodexo website.

If you have any problems with registration, do not hesitate to contact our advisors at 02 219 92 22.